Why Lodge 902 is Ideal for your Group's Retreat


Hiya, Squatch here.

It’s autumn in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge, and as the temperatures reduce, the pace relaxes and humans RETREAT.

RETREAT is a period of group withdrawal for meditation, study, or instruction under a director.

If you are a part of a group i.e. of writers, readers, fishermen, meditators, skiers or moms, Lodge 902 is the ultimate spot this winter or spring for your flock’s RETREAT. Hey large families! Greetings, all you crafters, co-workers, soccer teams, cosmetologists, knitters, surgeons, snowshoers, Toast Masters and road bikers! We invite you to chilax in Hood River’s most cozy, most unusually decorated house. Men’s groups, church-goers, storytellers, crotchet practitioners, long-time friends, couples, sorority sisters, beekeepers! Imagine your clan cooking, mingling by the fireplace, soaking up the veranda views and strolling on the Columbia in between sessions of connecting.


All six Lodge 902 rooms have their own bathroom/bathtub, many of them have jetted tubs and gas fireplaces. Two more small apartments on the bottom floor are also available if you need more space. From the Lodge you can walk to dinner, to the river, to breweries, cafes, art galleries, sport stores and wine tasting rooms.

Lodge 902 is currently available for rent in its entirety (6 bedrooms/bathrooms, full kitchen and several common areas) for as low as $495 per night, plus a cleaning fee. That’s less than $100 per room per night! No minimum night stays.

Be sure to send this link to your group’s organizer to access pricing, availability and booking on Airbnb.

Not Looking Forward to Meeting You,