Top 3 Benefits of Weekday Getaways


Hiya! Squatch here.

I just completed my May to-do list. Had to stock up on white-soled slugs (the Arion circumscriptus), map out my next few woodsy sleeping sights around Mount Hood and dole out a few looked-like-me-but-was-it-really-me sightings to PNW hikers.  

Phew! Now I get to take a load off these big feet before my busy summer hits.

If many of your weekends this summer are already planned out, perhaps you too need a during-the-week getaway now.

Check out these 4 benefits of Sunday-to-Thursday travel:

Benefit #1:  Studies have shown that playing during the week improves attention & focus, gives you more energy, decreases stress, and boosts Vitamin D levels. So, nip high blood pressure, migraines, and ulcers in the bud and let yourself enjoy a carefree hiatus on a Tuesday.  

Benefit #2:  Weekday travel = less traffic, less crowds, and less cost.  Most lodging prices go down 24% during the week vs the weekend.  Sundays are the least expensive nights across the map.

Benefit #3: “Remember the time we spontaneously got away?” YOU WILL REMEMBER IT.  Work will be there when you get back. Lost time won’t.

Not Looking Forward to Meeting You,


This June, week night rooms at Lodge 902 in Hood River, Oregon are plentiful and rates are 30% less when not a Friday or Saturday night.  I like the breakfast-is-included part too.