4 Surprising Facts about the Annual Sasquatch Music Festival

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Squatch here. Turns out, when you’re an 8 foot furball that keeps to itself, humans just might name a crowded music festival after you.  I’d love to meet Lolapalooza and Coachella to suss out their monster-identities.

You may have heard of my little namesake Pacfic NW festival that runs every Memorial Day weekend since 2002, but what you MIGHT NOT know is this:

Fact #1  The Sasquatch Music Fest venue — the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington — has won a bunch of awards for being crazy spectacular, like Pollstar Magazine's Best Outdoor Music Venue Award 9 times and the Billboard Touring Award for Best Amphitheatre in 2015. 

Fact #2: No laser pointers are allowed into the Festival! Those little red lights drive cats bonkers so maybe this rule will keep Modest Mouse from getting Cat Scratch Fever during its performance. Way to avoid insurance claims, fest organizers!

Fact #3:  You can buy two VIP Supertickets and rent a glamping tent fit for a Kardashian. You just gotta lay down a cool $3000.  I will NOT share this fun fact if I ever meet the ‘Woodstock Yeti’ and compare festival-named-after-me notes. Waaaay too boasty.

Fact #4:  If you live in Portland, Hood River is on the way to my festival.  Shave an hour off the drive and stay at Lodge 902 Bed & Breakfast Thursday night.  A few rooms are still available!

Not Looking forward to Meeting You,


The 2018 Sasquatch Music Festival runs Memorial Day weekend (Friday May 25 - Sunday May 27).  All kinds of ticket and camping options are still for sale.

Watch the trailer just for the band names —  like Soccer Mommy and Hippo Campus.

Lodge 902 Bed & Breakfast in downtown Hood River has been renovated this year with new beds, rugs, linens and a fresh find-your-sense-of-humor vibe.  It’s got six bedrooms (all with bathrooms) and comfy common areas like a veranda with views and rocking chairs and a front porch with Adirondack chairs.  It’s available to rent for off-site business meetings, family reunions, wedding lodgings, men’s and women’s biking/kitesurfing/golfing/hiking/yoga/culinary/wine-tasting/name-the-excuse getaways.